Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research

Revitalizing a Legacy

Branding, Design, Development

In today's digital-first world, the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR) recognized the need to elevate its brand and digital presence. Together, CFDR and MAKE embarked on a journey of transformation.

The Task

In Spring 2022, the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research (CFDR) approached MAKE with a dual task: modernizing its brand and completely revamping its website.

CFDR wanted to take its brand into the modern era while maintaining its core identity. They also needed a new, user-friendly website that would effectively communicate their mission and values, providing an intuitive experience for donors and grant applicants alike.

The mission was clear: a complete brand and web facelift, giving CFDR a cohesive visual identity and digital platform that would distinguish them from competitors and allow them to reach a wider audience.

Our Process

Our work began with establishing CFDR's brand strategy, identifying its unique selling proposition, and crafting the tone of voice, taglines, and key messages. Next, our designers worked closely with the strategists to conceptualize and refine the new logo and other brand elements.

For the web design, our process began with outlining the sitemap and wireframes. Following CFDR's approval, we got to work on the design and UX of the homepage and other pages. We then moved on to develop the website on WordPress, incorporating eCommerce functionality, Google reCAPTCHA, SEO, and future bilingual support.

Getting to Work

Once the designs were approved, we set up the server and WordPress environment on AWS and started developing the website based on the approved designs. All development was carried out in a separate environment, allowing CFDR to review the progress without having to push changes live prematurely. After thorough testing, the new website was launched, effectively marrying the new brand identity with a modern, intuitive web experience.

That's a Wrap

We're proud to share that CFDR's brand and web transformation was a resounding success. In the wake of this successful project, CFDR has turned to MAKE for ongoing website maintenance and data analysis. We're thrilled to continue our partnership and help CFDR's brand and web presence evolve with the times. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our work with CFDR!

“MAKE Digital’s branding and web design services were impressive. They were professional and responsive, understood our goals and audience, and delivered a beautiful, user-friendly website that effectively communicates our mission and values.
Their team developed a cohesive visual identity that sets us apart from our competitors. Overall, they helped modernize our organization’s image and reach a wider audience. Highly recommended.”
Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research
Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research