The Power of Aesthetics: A Redesign Success Story

Design, Web Development

Last fall, Momentuum approached MAKE with a request to revamp the frontend design of one of their client-facing products, CivicTrack. CivicTrack is a web-based application built for constituency offices and nonprofits to support their administrative efforts, including case and contact management.

This application was fully functional with active users, but Momentuum felt that updating the overall aesthetic could significantly improve the user experience. They were looking for an agency that could give the UI a refresh without any disruptions in service to their users – call it a “facelift”.

The first step of the project was to create a fresh and modern design that aligned with the existing site’s/app’s existing layout, that would appeal to the wide user-base. As we were unable to make any structural changes to the site, our designer worked alongside our developer to ensure the design updates would work within the existing structure of the application.

Once the design cycle was completed, our developer went to work implementing the style changes. All frontend changes were executed within a distinct branch, or separate version, of the application's codebase. This allowed for the client to preview the modifications in a demo environment without affecting the main version of the application. Once the client approved the changes, we merged our code branch into the main version of the software and published the changes.

In conclusion, we are proud to report that the CivicTrack facelift was a success, with the client stating, 

MAKE demonstrated exceptional expertise from the very beginning of our collaboration. Their insightful suggestions during our initial meeting instilled confidence in their design and development skills. The final product not only met but exceeded our expectations, delivering a strikingly revamped design for our application, CivicTrack.
Following a demo for a high-value client, we received praise for the system functionality but didn't secure the business. We concluded that our UI needed a refresh. Fuelled by MAKE's design enhancements, we reintroduced CivicTrack to the same client. The response was swift and overwhelmingly positive, culminating in a successful contract.
This single contract alone generated an astonishing return on our investment. We wholeheartedly endorse MAKE as a trustworthy and proficient provider of digital solutions. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is reflected in the consistent results they deliver. Partnering with MAKE is a strategic move towards a prosperous future for your brand and company.

Following the project’s completion, Momentuum requested our assistance on their other products, so tuned for future facelifts and more!