Accutrac Fuel Portal

Streamlined Systems for a Rapidly Growing Infrastructure

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Accutrac Capital is a trusted financial institution that specializes in freight factoring, fuel cards, and cash advances for the North American trucking industry. Their industry specialists have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry and service clients coast to coast across the United States and Canada.

We first met with the Accutrac team in 2016. They had recently launched fuel cards as a new line of business and the response from their clients had been overwhelmingly positive. The issue they were experiencing was the success of their program was becoming too much for their team to handle and they needed a new technical system to automate and manage the growth.

Our team was headed up by Mark Wilson who has 15 years of experience designing financial systems from his time at Ernst & Young. This experience was critical in understanding and designing the core financial requirements of the Fuel Portal.

Over the course of several meetings with the Accutrac finance and management teams, we quickly grasped the scope and requirements for the new system. At a high level the system needed to manage customers and vendors, integrate with the card management system by continually pulling thousands of transitions occurring at over 16,000 fuel stop locations across North America, calculate necessary fees and rebates, generate daily invoices, integrate with banks in the USA and Canada, and feed data into the clients marketing, financial and reporting systems.

While the scope of the system was significant we also recognized the real need to get parts of the system operational as quickly as possible to alleviate pressures on the Accutrac staff dealing with the ever-growing popularity of the fuel cards program. As a result, we worked closely with the Accutrac team to identify the areas that required the most manual intervention and focussed on developing these parts of the system first.

Accutrac Fuel Portal

Overall the Accutrac Fuel Portal was deployed in multiple phases over a 2-year period. Over this period of time, we worked hand-in-hand with the Accutrac team on designing, developing, testing and deploying each phase. For specific phases, such as finance and banking integration, we worked closely with specialized individuals at Accutrac with knowledge in these critical areas.

The Accutrac Fuel Portal project was a real success. The system continually operates with minimal intervention – automatically processing tens of thousands of fuel financial transactions daily, generating invoices, and directly interfacing with a bank, finance, and marketing systems.

Now that the Accutrac Fuel Portal is fully operational, our relationship with Accutrac continues. Our team still works with the team at Accutrac on a regular basis for support and the occasional enhancement. Recently, with a new partnership, Accutrac was able to extend the Fuel Portal to thousands of additional clients with no additional changes to the system or underlying architecture… a testament to how well the system was originally designed.

Accutrac Fuel Portal