Lead Designer

Matt Morgan

It all started with a passion to bring people together, connecting them by building the communities I was a part of and lending my hand to help a local youth group the best way I knew how - through design. This work soon led to a wide array of professionals reaching out as the digital world quickly began to grow up. Fast forward 15+ years to an increasingly complex and ever-changing digital landscape, and this passion has evolved to working with large organizations, building and developing brands, products, applications, and digital and social media strategies. Through the various creative roles I have played and the privilege I have had to lead teams across these projects, I’ve gained insight into the creative process, helping others to discover the adventure and joy found in both the highs and lows of that journey together and the essential importance of team to get to places we couldn’t go ourselves.And it still comes down to this same passion - always learning and seeking to pull the best out of those I have the privilege of collaborating with - to collectively reach new creative spaces that truly speak to the human heart, so that we connect people with ideas and people with people, together lifting lives in the world around us.

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