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Multimedia Production, Cinematography, Social Media Content

We were contacted by the incredible team at Tennis Canada in late 2019 about capturing a short documentary about Team Canada’s journey to the Fed Cup 2020 finals. We love helping our clients tell powerful stories, so we jumped at the opportunity to join the team in Europe for their Fed Cup Qualifiers against Team Switzerland. We used this footage to produce three on-site social media pieces that were thirty seconds in length.  Following that we produced a twenty-four-minute long-form piece, containing six separate chapters, for use by their marketing department.

After our travel itinerary was confirmed, we began the process of getting our paperwork and carnet in order to ship professional camera gear overseas. Thankfully, we have had quite a bit of experience travelling internationally for multimedia shoots, so we were able to quickly get the administrative bit out of the way and really focus on the creative side of things.

We held a creative meeting with the marketing and communications departments to establish the goals and objectives, the line of questioning we would have for the athletes while on site, and artistic decisions like frame rates, ratios, lighting styles, and shooting locations. Thorough pre-production is incredibly important for a successful product. We always take time to listen to our clients to ensure that we deliver the product they expect. Now all that was left to do was pack our video gear and head to Switzerland.

Tennis Canada

We had a wonderful time in Switzerland with the team. We had an incredibly successful five days of shooting and made some great friends along the way. While in Europe we produced three thirty-second social media pieces for use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Upon our return to our offices in Canada, we began production on the final piece.  This was designed to be in the form of six individual chapters that came together to make one single twenty-four-minute video. We handled everything in-house for this production from sourcing and licensing music, audio production, motion graphics, editing, colour correcting/grading and captioning (in both English and French).  Needless to say, the client was thrilled with the result.

Tennis Canada